Flash Nintendo (NES) Emulator

Flash NES Emulator System


Control Mapping

Start = P
Select = O
A Button = X
B Button = Z
Movement = Arrow Keys







The Flash Entertainment System (FES) is an online Flash Nintendo (NES) Emulator. This online Flash NES emulator allows you to play Nintendo (NES) ROMs free online right from your internet browser. The Nintendo NES APU is not currently emulated in this version of the online NES emulator so there is no audio. There is however a beta version with a badly emulated APU as well in case you must have audio.
Contact: flipindustries@yahoo.com


Free online NES emulator is best played with a joypad. You will need a program like JoyToKey though. Flip Industries is not associated with JoyToKey in any way.


How To Play

In order to use the online Flash Nintendo NES emulator you must have Nintendo NES ROMs to play. Then you click the "Open" button and select an iNES format Nintendo NES ROM you want to play. As long as you are using a supported mapper the NES ROM will then begin playing on the online Flash emulator at 60 frames per second. The control mapping for the Flash NES emulator can be found under the TV. You can reset the Nintendo NES ROM at any time by pressing the "Reset" button and can find additional info about the online Flash Nintendo NES emulated by pressing the "NFO" button.

Nintendo NES ROMs

Nintendo NES ROMs cannot be found on this site. The free online Flash Nintendo NES emulator is simply able to play them.


Supported Mappers

The online Flash Nintendo NES emulator supports the following iNES format memory mappers; 0, 1, 2, 3. If you attempt to open a NES ROM in the online Flash Nintendo NES emulator with a different iNES mapper, you will get an error.




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