Hop and Bop Leader

Hop and Bop


Left key to move left
Right key to move right
Z key to run
X key to jump
P key to start/pause
F key toggles fullscreen

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About the Hop and Bop Demo

The Hop and Bop demo is a platform game developed by Flip Industries. The demo currently contains one world and uses a total of sixteen colors. We want you to experience what we view as a starting point for a complete game which we would love to be able to finish.

Hop and Bop level 2
Hop and Bop level 3

We Need Your Help

We would like to make this a full game. We are currently looking for feedback on the Hop and Bop demo and would love to hear your suggestions for what could be included in the full game. Be sure to check back often for updates. Thank you, enjoy!

Contact: flipindustries@yahoo.com


Music by JMF | Palette is db16