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Hyrule Battles

Slaughter Edition

About Hyrule Battles

Hyrule Battles takes place after Link saved Hyrule from Gannon in the Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past. Gannon's minions were bored and were quickly being eliminated by Link and the people of Hyrule. So they decided to do the sensible thing and hold Mortal Kombat style fights to the death. When one monster encoutered another of his scarse kind, he quickly armed himself and begain attacking!

Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past Octorok

Development of Hyrule Battles

Hyrule Battles was developed by Flip Industries originally in Microsoft Visual Basic as a final project in a programming class. It was later re-written using a 30-day trial of Adobe Flash as the Slaughter Edition which featured an increased amount of violence, blood, and gore. Now you can play it right from your very own web browser.