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Hyrule Battles

Slaughter Edition

Hyrule Battles Controls

Hyrule Battles is a flash game developed by Flip Industries and uses the mouse to control user input. Player one uses the mouse to move the player and clicks to shoot. Player two uses the Legend of Zelda Moblin keyboard up and down keys to move and space bar to fire.

Ways of Playing Hyrule Battles

Using A Joypad: If you want to play Hyrule Battles with a joypad you could try JoytoKey. Flip Industries and Hyrule Battles are not associated with JoytoKey in any way.

Playing on Mobile Devices and Playstation 3: Single player Hyrule Battles can be played on Mobile devices and Hyrule Battles can even be played on the Playstation 3 (PS3) by using the controller for player one and a USB keyboard for player two.