Scott Pilgrim vs the World the Game

The Good, the Bad and the Unlockable


Playable Characters

The game initially has four selectable characters.  Each character starts with 0 stats (Strength, Defense, Speed, and Willpower).

Scott Pilgrim

Scott PilgrimRating: Awesome
Scott is the 23-year-old protagonist and the main character of the series. He is the bass player for the band Sex Bob-omb with his friends Stephen Stills and Kim Pine. Though initially an unemployed slacker, he mans the heck up and gets a job. He also has to prove his love for Ramona by defeating the league of evil ex’s.

Ramona Flowers

Ramona FlowersRating: Too Cool For You
Ramona is an American expatriate from New York and “ninja delivery girl” for She is 24 years old and Scott Pilgrim’s main love interest through out the comic series. She reveals very little and is very guarded about her past adventures in New York before she moved to Toronto.

Stephen Stills

Stephen StillsRating: The Talent
Stephen Stills is the lead singer, guitarist, and the “talent” of Sex Bob-omb. He is 23 years old and went to college with Scott Pilgrim at the University of Toronto, where he played in the band Kid Chameleon with Scott, Envy Adams, and others.

Kimberly Pine

Kim PineRating: The Drummer
Kimberly is Scott’s high school friend and drummer for the band, Sex Bob-omb. During gigs (or even just when practicing at home) Kim counts in the band, usually by screaming some variation on: “We are Sex Bob-omb! ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR!” She is 23 years old and was Scott’s first girlfriend, whom Scott saved from Simon Lee via a River City Ransom-esque sequence.



Secret Playable Characters

See our cheats guide for how to unlock the secret playable characters.


Nega-ScottRating: Positively Negative
See Bio in Ramona's Seven Evil Ex’s section.

Knives Chau

Knives ChauRating: Deadly
Knives is a 17-year-old Chinese-Canadian high school girl and self-described “Scottaholic.” Scott dated her for a short while, but broke up with her after he met Ramona (though he initially “forgot” to break up with her). Originally a quiet, typical school girl… she changed drastically after the break-up. Changing her look by dying her hair and changed her clothing style, hoping to win Scott back by becoming more of a hipster.


Secret Characters

Mr. Chau

Mr. ChauUnlockable Striker

See our cheats guide for how....


Bosses - Ramona’s Seven Evil Ex’s

Boss 1 - Matthew Patel

Matthew PatelRating: Pirate
Matthew Patel is Ramona’s first evil ex out of all her 7 exes. Matthew is able to summon demon “hipster” girls. It is stated he has Mystical Powers but this is the only ability shown. Of his powers, he illustrates his mysticism by levitating and throwing fireballs while singing.

Boss 2 - Lucas Lee

Lucas LeeRating: Movie Star
Lucas Lee is Ramona’s second evil ex. He’s a skateboarder turned sell-out actor who has starred in a number of cheesy movies and action flicks.

Boss 3 - Todd Ingram

Todd IngramRating: Vegan
Todd Ingram is Ramona’s third ex-boyfriend. He is in a relationship with Envy Adams, who is Scott Pilgrims Ex-Girlfriend. Being a vegan, Todd had massive telekinetic powers, which were removed by the Vegan police for his violation of the vegan code.

Boss 4 - Roxanne Richter

Roxanne RichterRating: Bi-Furious
“Roxie” is Ramona’s fourth Evil Ex and the only ex-girlfriend. She’s also a Half-Ninja, meaning she’s not as good as a real Ninja. She wields a sword whip, that also works as a fashionable belt.

Boss 5 - The Twins ( Kyle & Ken Katayanagi )

The Twins, Kyle and Ken KatayangiRating: Twin Dragons
The Katayanagi twins are Ramona Flowers’ fifth and sixth evil exes. It is implied that she dated both at the same time. (She cheated on them with each other) Scott has to fight them at the same time, to his disadvantage.

Boss 6 - Nega-Scott

Boss Nega-ScottRating: Positively Negative
Negascott is Scott Pilgrim’s alter ego. He represents Scott’s forgotten past and various mistakes. The concept of a “shadow doppelganger” is a reference to both Zelda II and Ocarina of Time, where Link must fight himself.

Final Boss - Gideon Graves

Gideon GravesRating: Hipster
G-Man is the seventh evil ex-boyfriend and the leader of the League of Ramona’s Evil Ex-Boyfriends, and the main villain of the Scott Pilgrim comics series. A genius indie producer, and technology buff.



Mini-Bosses 1 - Envy and Lynette - Level 3

Envy and Lynette

Mini-Boss 2 - Robot-01 - Level 5


Mini-Boss 3 - Super Fighting Robot - Level 5

Super Fighting Robot

Mini-Boss 4 - Super Gideon Graves - Level 7

Super Gideon Graves

Mini-Boss 5 - Gideon Graves - Level 7

Gideon Graves the Mini-Boss


All images on this page were obtained from Stephan Boutain's Blog