Scott Pilgrim vs the World the Game

Cheat Codes, Unlockables & Secret Game Modes


Cheat Codes

Entered at Start Screen

Description of Cheat Code
Start the level with Scott's Heart Sword square, square, square, X, O, X, triangle
Allow players to select the same character D, R1, U, L1, triangle, O
The Blood Code X, O, X, square, X, O, O
Turn money into animals U, U, D, D, U, U, U, U
Unlock Zombie Mode D,U,R,D,U,R,D,U,R,R,R
Unlock Boss Rush Mode R, R, O, R1, R, R, O, R1

Entered at Score Ranking Screen

Description of Cheat Code
Unlock Sound Check bonus area L1, L1, R1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1, R1, L1, R1

Unlockable Characters and Strikers

Description of Cheat Action
Unlock Nega-Scott Beat the game with all 4 characters
Unlock Knives Chau Available as downloadable content when the Movie is released on DVD
Unlock Mr. & Mrs. Chau Defeat him when he randomly appears on the map


Unlimited Coins

Performing this trick requires that you have two controllers and have defeated the first Evil Ex, Matthew Patel. At the Title Screen, enter the "Allow players to select the same character" cheat. Begin Story Mode and select the character with the most coins as both Player 1 and as a Guest. Start the game and go the shopping district. Then have both characters go into No Account Video (or any other Store) and have the Guest give Player 1 all their coins. Press start and return to map (exit does not Auto-Save) and then exit the game. Now, Player 1 will have the Guest's coins, and the game does not save Guest profiles so the character you used as Guest will not lose their coins. You can then repeat this process until you reach the coin maximum of $99,999.99. See our Shop Guide for ideas on how to spend your coins

Maximum Experience Points ( XP )

After you pay Scott's late fees at No Account Video you can purchase "Alone and Disturbed" for a cost of $4.95 and 1,500 XP. This is a great way to max out your characters stats.


Powerful Items at Wallace's Mystery Shop

In Level 1, look for a ramp down to an underpass right after the shopping district. A star is painted on the rear wall. Approach this star and the cement panel will open like a door. Inside you can find powerful, but expensive, items such Ambrosia (snack) or Tlaloc's Feast which earns you a 1-Up. See our Shop Guide for complete details.

Unlock Character's Technical 2 Attack at Mobile's Secret House

In Level 6, after getting the key and fighting the wolverines, look for a clearing in the woods that has people standing on either side of it. You will also see a house in the background. Walk along the top of the screen to find a secret entrance to the house. Here you can buy food and a Special Training manual which costs $57.50 and unlocks the character's Technical 2 attack. See our Shop Guide for complete details.