To whom it may concern:

On January 12, 2021, Adobe Flash reached its' “end of life.” You may have played some of our games like Super Kid Icarus, Hop and Bop, the Flash Entertainment System (“FES”), our Chip-8 Interpreter or Hyrule Battles. Unfortunately, these games were developed for Adobe Flash so will no longer work in so called "modern browsers” as the functionality has been completely blocked by both operating systems and web browsers.

The plan is to convert some of these games over to JavaScript so that they may continue on. The first up on the list is our original game, Hop and Bop, and the conversion is substantially complete.

The website is also getting a refresh. You get a little preview of what it might look like on this page. After that, it is possible that Super Kid Icarus may get ported over. This will depend on the level of interest in such a thing.

All the games and otherwise are worked on as a hobby, for fun and/or to learn. A significant amount of time and effort goes into their creation. Some of the creations are shared on this website in case they are of interest to anyone else.

If you are interested in the progress, or want to help out with things such as beta play testing, just shoot us and email at

Keep it dank,
- Flip Industries